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This handheld, hybrid drum roaster is capable of roasting up to 6 oz of green coffee, and is easy to use while offering you complete control over the roast.  The advantage of this compact roaster is that the amount of smoke produced is greatly reduced, allowing you to roast any profile, in your own kitchen with no mess. No more acrid smoke, but rather the aroma from the beans and the smell of caramelizing sugar. The hive roaster will roast on most heat sources but gas is recommended. As Canada's only distributor, we are excited to introduce the hive roaster to our customers.

How Does it Work:

Hot air from an open flame rises up through the center tower of the roaster.  This hot air will combine with the smoke from the beans, resulting in a mixture that burns the carbon in the smoke as it exits the roaster. Please note, the roaster only burns off smoke when directly over a flame.  Since not all of the hot air exits the roaster, the beans are provided with both conductive and convection heat.  This roasts the beans more evenly and faster.  The coffee you roast will rival any expensive, specialty grade coffee, and you can turn your own kitchen into an artisan roastery!

The Process:

Very simply, remove the lid, add no more than 6 oz of green coffee and replace the lid. Hold over medium low heat and shake/agitate it.  You will know you are close when you hear or feel the beans cracking.  The flavour is developed at the end, so you will need to lower the heat or raise the roaster up off the flame.  Make sure to use your senses. You will notice the aroma change from a green grassy smell to a nutty, bread scent and finally a rich coffee aroma. When you’ve decided the beans are where you desire them, flip the roaster over and dump the beans into a sieve or bowl to cool. 

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