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The SR800 is the newest addition to the Freshroast Coffee roaster family. It is a step up from the previous models and will roast up to a 1/2 pound of wet processed coffee and about 6 ounces of dry processed coffee. The roaster features a new heavy duty  high capacity fan and heater.  It also has an improved control board.  All adjustments are made with pushing the knob and turning to adjust the heat, fan and time.  It also features a real-time temperature readout.  A quick turn to the right will display the current temperature. There are now 9 levels of heat adjustment compared to having a Low, Medium and High adjustment on the old units. The fan also includes a wider range of adjustment.

The chaff basket and top lid will not fit on the new SR800 or the SR540 coffee roaster.  The roasting chamber is a much larger diameter.  Users are also able to change the default start settings.  This roaster is not computer controlled.

The SR800 can roast a minimum of 4oz of beans.

It is a manually controlled machine.

All roasters are 120V

Warranty Information:

All coffee roasters are covered with a full 1 year *warranty on the Base Unit.

Top Cap, Chaff Basket, and Roasting Chamber have a 6 month warranty on manufacturer defects.

*Warranty void if used outside of North America


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