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Mexico Oaxaca: is your versatile daily drinker. Its deep chocolate notes are balanced by a delicate citric acidity and a caramel richness.  Certainly, worth a try!



ALTITUDE (MASL): 1,200-1,350




ORIGIN: Mexico

Coffee production in the country is mainly located in the south central to southern regions of the country. The history of this industry has been volatile. However, producers have worked hard to overcome many difficulties and there is now a renewed interest in Mexican Coffee, especially the high-quality beans coming from Oaxaca.

REGION:  Oaxaca

Located within the municipality of San Agustin Loxicha, in the state of Oaxaca, this region grows a Typica hybrid coffee. It was first discovered in the area, and named after the city, San Hidalgo Pluma. Typica was originally grown in Eastern Africa. The Typica Pluma found in Mexico, offers many of the same flavors and attributes, such as caramel and chocolate notes, making it a great daily choice.

PRODUCER:  Calguera Gomez S.A. De C.V

Calguera Gomez works with 37 surrounding family-owned farms.  Most of these farms average between 10 to 24 acres in size.  The farms use micro mills to process the harvested cherries.  This enables them to be extremely thorough in the depulping, fermenting and drying of the coffee. The Calguera Gomez company strives to organize and support local producers, by providing access to the best agricultural practices. As a result, this also allows them to pay high prices for a higher quality coffee production.

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So far I am only a fan of this bean when roasted very dark… I tried first crack and a bit beyond and they both were to floral and almost like soy sauce… When it is roasted darker it provides a deeper flavor less floral a little more nutty. I do however appreciate the experience…

Relik (verified owner)

I found this coffee to be an absolute delight and, as advertised, a great go-to for a daily cup. For me, it is a prime example of a coffee with a more classic taste profile that is also interesting enough to stand out on its own. In other words, it is an approachable coffee that most everyone would enjoy, including coffee aficionados.

More specifically, it has darker, nutty notes, but has an outstanding natural sweetness. So far, I have only roasted it for filter. In the cup, I taste candied pecans and skim chocolate milk, with a refreshing and mild acidity in the background that gives it a little sparkle, so to speak, in the mouth that leaves you wanting more. As a point of reference, I have roasted it with the best results in the light-medium to medium range and have had great success in extending the browning phase/Maillard reaction to help draw out its innate sugariness.

jcarew (verified owner)

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