Brazil Peaberry Honey is a rounded, single estate coffee from the region of Mantiqueria de Minas that yields a nice intensity of flavours. With rich chocolate, sweet fruit and soft nut-like tones, it’s a must try!

ALTITUDE (MASL): 1,100-1,300


ORIGIN:  Brazil

For the last 150 years Brazil has led the world in coffee production. Approximately 220,000 farms operate in the country, and some 3.5 million people are employed in the industry, mostly in rural areas. The majority of plantations are located in the southeastern states, where the environment and climate are ideal for growing coffee. While most countries process beans using the wet process, almost all coffee processed in Brazil uses a dry process.

REGION: Mantiqueira de Minas, Minas Gerais

Minas Gerais is the largest growing region in Brazil. This single estate coffee can be narrowed down to the Mantiqueira de Minas region. This protected origin was the first area to receive a Geographical Indication in the Brazilian coffee industry, which is redefining how specialty coffee from Brazil is viewed. The region boasts 8,200 producers, who value their heritage and have deep respect for their land and people. Farms in this region are set on rolling hills with consistent rainfall and fertile clay soil.

FARM:  Sitio da Torre

A beautiful farm, set high in the hills above Sao Lourenco and Carmo de Minas. This 235-acre estate has been in the same family since the late 1800’s. Under the direction of Alvaro Antonio Pereira Coli, the farm has built a reputation for consistent quality.  For more than a decade the Brazil Cup of Excellence has recognized this farm for their coffee.

PRODUCER:  Alvaro Antonio Pereira Coli

For 24 years, Alvaro Antonio Pereira Coli has owned and managed Sitio da Torre. He has focused a large amount of time caring for the coffees that grew and still grow on his land, but is also experimenting with test crops. Any coffee varieties that have potential are planted and monitored for a few years to see how they grow and preform on his land.  This allows him as a producer to make more fact-based decisions.

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