We have an assortment of authentic coffee sacks that are looking for a new purpose. These large burlap (jute) bags are strong, durable and generally measure around 36″ x 28″.  The bags are biodegradable and can be used for many different things. Use them for storage, or maybe get creative and decorate your home or business with them! They also work great in the garden, protecting your trees and plants from frost.

Disclaimer: Please remember that these sacks have transported green coffee beans around the world, so they may not be in perfect condition. They have been cut along the top and there may be some wear and tear.  The bags pictured are of bags we do have, but you may get one that is not pictured. Also, the selection is random and based on availability, so we can’t guarantee which version you will receive.  All bags will have some writing on them, but not all will have designs or color.