Costa Rica Heredia (1 LB. Bag)

//Costa Rica Heredia (1 LB. Bag)

Costa Rica Heredia (1 LB. Bag)


Origin: Costa Rica
Region: Heredia
Altitude (MASL): 1,300
Process: Washed
Notes: Baker’s chocolate and hazelnut, brown sugar and a hint of citrus
Cupping Score: 83 pts

Heredia is a tiny province situated in the north central mountain region of Costa Rica and is mostly located in the Central Valley. The high elevation (up to 2,906 masl) and volcanic influence have made this the home of some of the highest graded coffees of Costa Rica. As the base of the Coffee Institute of Costa Rica, Heredia is the cradle of much of the innovation in coffee technology around the world. This coffee is produced by various farmers that are our close friends and family. The small size of their exquisite estates does not permit for feasible export volume, so they pool together to produce this exceptional Strictly Hard Bean. After generations of tending the same plantations, the ideal coffee varieties have been matched to the specific micro climates of each farm.

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