El Salvador Las Isabellas Bourbon: This washed Bourbon comes from an estate that is an ode to Central America’s rainforests. It is a bright, clean coffee with notes of orange zest, raw cane sugar and cacao nibs.

ALTITUDE: 850 – 1,200 masl


COUNTRY:  El Salvador

Coffee production has fueled the El Salvador economy for more than a century. Unfortunately, since 2002, only 3.5% of the nations gross national product is from coffee production. This has been a result of civil war, drops in coffee prices, and government mismanagement. Thankfully, coffee is once again making a comeback in El Salvador as new techniques and processes are being introduced by the next generation of coffee producers.  Currently, over 90% of coffee grown in El Salvador is from shade coffee plantations.

REGION: Apaneca

The town of Apaneca is located in an ideal microclimate for coffee cultivation, with its altitude, prime weather and fertile volcanic soil. Situated in the Apaneca Illamatepec mountain range, this is one of the most prestigious areas for coffee cultivation in El Salvador.

 FARM:  Las Isabellas

Located on the southern face of El Salvador’s majestic mountain range, Las Isabellas has maintained over 175 acres of natural forest. With natural spring water and waterfalls, it is an ode to Central American rainforests. The estate is also home to Taquendama beneficio, where the coffee is washed and dried on patios in the sun. Las Isabellas has a strong commitment to education and attends to the local school’s water supply, as well as the salary of some of the instructors, ensuring that the local school children are equipped, and able to receive a quality education.

PRODUCER:  Jose Roberto Santamaria

Finca Las Isabellas is owned by Jose Roberto Santamaria and his wife Monica.  They named the farm after their oldest daughter Isabella. Roberto has an energetic zest for life that is reflected in coffee that is intentional and full of identity. The family not only grows coffee on their estate, but they also mill it there as well.

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