El Salvador Pacas Natural: With a rich body, mild acidity, and lovely lingering finish, we are sure you will enjoy every drop of the Pacas Natural from Finca El Manzano!

ALTITUDE: 1,450 masl


COUNTRY:  El Salvador

Coffee was first cultivated in El Salvador in the early 19th century.  There were many incentives for coffee production such as tax breaks, exemption from military service for coffee workers, and elimination of export duties for new producers.  As a result, by the 1880’s coffee had become virtually the sole export crop.  Unfortunately, in the decades leading up to the civil conflict in the 1980’s, guerrilla attacks, natural disastors and government control had already caused the coffee industry to suffer, and the civil war was the final blow. Since 2000, El Salvador has struggled to keep up with increased competition in the world market, but with younger producers like Emilio Lopez Diaz coming into the picture, the future is looking brighter.

REGION: Apaneca-Illamatepec, Santa Ana

This is the largest producing region of El Salvador, and likely where coffee was first cultivated in the country. The region shares its name with the mountain range in the same area.  Thanks to the altitude, weather and rich volcanic soil, it is no wonder that the area produces such amazing coffee.

 Farm: El Manzano

In 1872, Rafael Álverez Lalinde started a coffee farm after moving his family from Colombia to El Salvador. Within 2 generations, his family became one of the most influential families in coffee. Unfortunately, in the late 1990’s, the family farm was in trouble. Thanks to Emilio Lopez Diaz, he has revitalized his family’s coffee farm by introducing new cultivars, and technology. The higher degree of cultivation and control of process has been at the forefront of what makes Finca El Manzano so special.  Coffee from this farm has contributed to 3 national barista championships and first and second place finishes in El Salvador’s Cup of Excellence.

PRODUCER:  Emilio Lopez Diaz

While still a student at the University of Portland, OR, Emilio Diaz became a member of the Roasters Guild. After graduating, he began to travel, searching for more information and knowledge regarding the coffee industry. Since then, he has returned to El Salvador to help grow not only the family farm and business, but also the coffee industry in El Salvador. As a sixth-generation producer, he now runs an integrated business from seed to cup, with farming, roasting, exporting and importing.  Emilio believes strongly in the role of education for every coffee producer. In 2018, Emilio won the Cup of Excellence with his first ever entry, and the highest score of 91.80.

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