Ethiopia Limu Organic comes from the forested district of Gera, which is known for snappy coffees with sweet and delicate fruit flavours. These beans fit that description well with their berry-like acidity and tropical sweetness.

ALTITUDE (MASL): 2,000 – 2,100


ORIGIN:  Ethiopia

For centuries, coffee has been grown in Ethiopia. Not only is it a longstanding tradition, but it is also the origin of Arabica coffee. As Africa’s top producer, approximately 15 million people rely on some aspect of the industry for employment. Despite being one of the world’s top producers, half of the coffee grown in Ethiopia is consumed by Ethiopians. Most of the coffee produced here is from old, naturally indigenous heirloom varieties, but the quality ranges, depending on the region it is grown in.

REGION:  Gera, Oromia

Gera is a district that is southwest of the city of Jimma, in the state of Oromia. This area, characterized as Limu in the coffee industry, has broad sloping plateaus, extremely high elevations, natural forests and fertile soil. Gera is a region that is locally renowned for coffee with sweet, delicate fruit notes and snappy flavors.  Although some areas of Jimma are noted for producing low quality, generic coffee, the Gera district is at a higher altitude, and benefits from rich organic soil and natural forests.

PRODUCER:  Nano Challa Cooperative

This cooperative has grown exponentially since its founding.  Starting with 25 farmers, it now has 500 members, with 92 being women.  They are also noted for being one of the first groups to invest in resource-efficient, fully washed processing. Nano Challa is a member cooperative of the best-known cooperative unions in the country; the Kata Muduga Multi-Purpose Farmers’ Cooperative Union, who’s general manager, is a trained agronomist.  Although Kata Muduga is a small union cooperative, their coffees from groups like the Nano Challa, have been considered among the best in the country for ten years. Nano Challa produces coffee that is Organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified. Understandably, they have gained a reputation for producing an astonishingly good coffee.

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