Ethiopia Sidama Chire: With citrus notes, vibrant acidity and a rich body, this is another Ethiopian bean to add to your favourite’s list.

ALTITUDE: 1,950-2,030 masl


COUNTRY:  Ethiopia

For centuries, coffee has been grown in Ethiopia. Not only is it a longstanding tradition, but it is also the origin of Arabica coffee. As Africa’s top producer, approximately 15 million people rely on some aspect of the industry for employment. The coffee industry is woven into the nation’s economy and culture. Most of the coffee produced here is from old, naturally indigenous heirloom varieties, but the quality ranges, depending on the region it is grown in.

REGION:  Bensa District, Sidama Zone, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Republic

Sidama is one of Ethiopia’s three major trade marked coffee regions, and has a rich history in the coffee trade.  With its high elevations, coffee in this region ripens slower due to the cooler temperatures. This results in a later harvest than the rest of Ethiopia, giving the cherries more time to develop the complex flavours and distinct aromas that the area is known for.  Sidama coffee is associated with citrus notes, vibrant acidity and a rich body.

PRODUCER:  Chire Washing Station Farmers

The Chire Washing Station is an independent station in far Eastern Sidama.  Approximately 700 farms, averaging 2 hectares each, deliver to the washing station. Cherries are washed and then slowly fermented. With the low ambient temperatures, drying takes 12-15 days. The wet parchment is often covered during the hot afternoon hours to prevent cracking. Due to the heavy competition in Sidama, being a private processor can be difficult.  This means that private stations like Chire, need to produce standout product, have an excellent community standing and a progressive business plan. Without this, they would be unable to compete with the larger unions that are in the region.

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