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Brazil Cerrado Natural

Brazil Cerrado Natural

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ORIGIN: Brazil
For over 150 years, Brazil has been the world’s top coffee producer, which currently accounts for approximately a third of all coffee produced. Most coffee is produced in the south-eastern states, including the Cerrado region. Unique to Brazil, the majority of their coffee is dry processed, while most other countries wet process. In Brazil, approximately 3.5 million are employed in the coffee industry.

REGION: Cerrado
The Cerrado region is located between São Paulo and Brasilia. Coffee in this region is grown in full sun as there are very few trees. Because of the hot, wet summer that transitions to a dry winter, problems related to humidity during the drying process are eliminated. This region is the newest of the three major growing regions in Brazil. The climate is a predictable one for coffee as the weather patterns are mild.

PRODUCERS: Producers from the Cerrado Region
There are 140,000 hectares of land, dedicated to coffee production in the Cerrado region. Within this there are nearly 3,600 coffee producers. A lot of these producers are organized into large cooperatives. These farms can be anywhere from 100 to 3000 hectares. Because the weather conditions are so predictable, a lot of control is maintained resulting in uniformity with the producers.

PROCESS: Full natural and natural blended dried in the sun and mechanical dryers.
VARIETALS: Yellow Bourbon, Mundo Novo, and Obatã.
CUPPING NOTES: Flavor: caramel, cardamom, cashew, chocolate, honey nut, and neutral orange rind.
Acidity: Low
Body: Creamy, full  

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Grant Orser

Brazil Cerrado Natural

Sebastien Beaulieu

Brazil Cerrado Natural

Great coffee, reasonable price

It has been a while since we were able to get Brazilian Cerrado. Happy to see it being back, and great packaging!