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Ethiopia Guji Natural

Ethiopia Guji Natural

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COUNTRY: Ethiopia 
For centuries, coffee has been grown in Ethiopia. Not only is it a longstanding tradition, but it is also the birthplace of Arabica coffee. As Africa’s top producer, approximately 15 million people rely on some aspect of the industry for employment. Most of the coffee produced here is from old, naturally indigenous heirloom varieties, but the quality ranges, depending on the region it is grown in.

REGION: Deri Kidame Community, Guji Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia
The Guji region has a long heritage. In 2002 it separated from Yirgacheffe. Before, Yirgacheffe and Guji were distinctive regions, and coffee from this area was all blended and lumped together under the grade “Sidamo”. Now Guji is widely recognized apart from Yirgacheffe and Sidamo coffee as it has its own unique local varieties and microclimates. There are few entrances to Guji, and none are short or easy.  The region is heavy with primary forests. The region’s coffee is known for its smooth floral notes and exquisite flavour.  Most sundried coffees from Guji are surprising in flavour, yet delicate.  

PRODUCER: Various Smallholder Farms
These various small holder farms are spread throughout the Deri Kadame community.  Historically, this community was a full days walk from the nearest trading centers.  This left many of the farmers struggling to access the market and an inability to compete with the prices of neighbouring regions.  Coffee is now processed 30km east in the Benti Nenka community.  Sisay Bekele is the manager and during harvest employs approximately 130 people.  The natural processed coffee is hand sorted and cleaned once arriving.  Following this, it is dried on raised beds for 2-3 weeks and is monitored closely to allow for even dehydration. 

PROCESS: Full Natural & Sundried
ALTITUDE: 1,900 – 2,300 MASL 
VARIETALS: Indigenous Landraces & Cultivars.
Flavour: Banana Taffy, Blueberry, Dried Apple, Cacao Nibs
Acidity: Clean  
Body: Round 

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Customer Reviews

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This time the experience is frustrating

I am a fan of Ethiopian coffee, and from this place specifically, no matter how primitive the level of roasting is, you will get a good result, but this time I received raw, unclean coffee (hollow beans - black beans - undeveloped beans ... etc.) To be honest, let's represent A small percentage of the total, it is difficult to remove all unwanted grains.

This comment to the supplier how to receive coffee in this way.
Note: I am not looking for any compensation, but this is my experience with you