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Costa Rica Tarrazu Yellow Honey

Costa Rica Tarrazu Yellow Honey

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COUNTRY: Costa Rica
Even though this little country can fit into Alberta more than 10 times, its reputation for producing amazing coffee far exceeds its borders! Costa Rican coffee has set the standards for fine wet-processed coffee for the rest of Central and South America. The nation has eight coffee growing regions, the most famous being Tarrazu.

REGION: Tarrazu
This region is located in the interior mountains of Costa Rica, and is known for producing relatively heavy bodied coffees with complex aromas. The area is lush with vegetations, and is split into two well defined seasons of rainy and dry. This well-defined climate pattern is ideal for growing coffee and produces high quality cherries that are uniform in ripeness. Altitude in this region ranges from 1,200 – 1,900 meters.

FARM: Finca La Pastora
This farm is located in the southernmost production zone of Tarrazu. In 2011, Minor Esquival Picado built his own wet mill and named it Micro Beneficio La Pastora. Cherries on the estate are only picked when they are almost a purple color, and at their absolute sweetest. From here they are processed in a variety of styles including yellow honey, red honey, black honey, and natural.

PRODUCER: Minor Esquival Picado
Along with his wife, brother, daughter and son in law, Minor farms and mills all his coffee at Finca La Pastora. With a desire to avoid becoming stagnant, Minor has been trying out new processes for his coffee, including using anaerobic fermentation, by fermenting beans in an environment absent of oxygen.  

PROCESS: Yellow Honey
Flavor: Citrus, Dark Chocolate, Cherry, Honey, Nuts.
Acidity: Citrusy, bright
Body: Syrupy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Darcy Bly
Wonderful flavour

A wonderful mellow, flavourful coffee, Definitely recommend. We enjoy the fresh roast of this bean and the fruit notes, make this one our favourites. I can see why it is currently sold out

Michael Cook
Always liked Costa Ricans!

Have been roasting Costa Ricans for many years. Always a great cup especially from the Tarrazu region. This honey roasts up with a chocolaty finish and a slight hint of fruit and honey. If using a Behmor roast on P2 and use Rosetta Stone ' C' at 1st crack and you should be good to go. As with all honey beans more smoke and residue is to be expected. Just don't forget to do a dry burn after a few roasts!