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Brazil Mogiana Natural

Brazil Mogiana Natural

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Brazil Mogiana Natural: Single Region coffee from the Brazil highlands. We are sure you will love this rich bodied, creamy coffee that is not super heavy or syrupy!

For over 150 years, Brazil has been the world’s top coffee producer, which currently accounts for approximately a third of all coffee produced. Most plantations are located in the southeastern states, where the climate is ideal for growing coffee. While most countries process beans using the wet process, almost all coffee in Brazil uses a dry process.

REGION: Mogiana, Minas Gerais 
Mogiana is located in the Brazilian highlands, and has been producing coffee since the late 1700’s. With rolling hills and uneven terrain, the area is primarily small farms. The personal care of these farmers, has resulted in Mogiana being synonymous with high quality coffee that is rich bodied and creamy but not super heavy or syrupy, and a moderate to low acidity. 

PRODUCER: Cooperative Regional de Cafeicultores em Guaxupé (Cooxupé)

Established in 1937, this regional cooperative is now comprised of 14,000 active members. Each farm has an average size of 60 acres. Each grower is responsible for growing and beginning the drying process on their own farm.  Once the beans reach a 15% moisture, they are then transported to the Cooxupé dry mill where they are further finished drying. This mill also ensures that traceability and quality control are maintained and recorded.  By doing this they are able to make sure that each grower is paid according to their quality of coffee.  This current offering is Fine Cup (FC) grade and Strictly Soft (SS); the highest cup category in Brazil.

PROCESS: Natural
ALTITUDE: 800 – 1,200 MASL
VARIETALS: Bourbon, Mondo Novo Hybrid
Flavor: Cherry Juice, Orange Zest, Caramel, Milk Chocolate
Acidity: Moderate 
Body: Creamy 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lyle Phillips

I’ve already ordered three times in the past month. Great quality green beans at a very fair price, and delivery is fast. I am happy with customer service, and the bag of beans is nice as well. Much appreciated Green Coffee Co.

Good coffee for this price

Good coffee beans if you’re looking for a balanced cup of coffee in medium roast.

Nice and Smooth

Very smooth and general light flavour until it starts to cool and mild chocolate caramel starts to show up and some tingling on the lips. Nice body to it.
Very Nice :)

Bruce Bodie

Brazil Mogiana Natural

Adam Boggs
Great satisfied

Just a great all around bean. Roast it anyway and you will enjoy it.