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El Salvador Cerro Las Ranas Yellow Honey

El Salvador Cerro Las Ranas Yellow Honey

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COUNTRY:  El Salvador

Coffee was first cultivated in El Salvador in the early 19th century. El Salvador is known as the birth place to coffee varieties like Pacamara. Since 2000, the country has found it difficult to keep up with increased competition in the world market, but with incoming producers looking at new practices coming into the picture, the future is looking brighter.

REGION: Apaneca, Ahuachapan, El Salvador

This region of El Salvador is likely where coffee was first cultivated in the country. Despite being a small area, it produces coffee of exponentially high standards. The famous Santa Ana volcano is a main feature of the region. The Apaneca mountain range is astounding, and with its altitude, weather and rich volcanic soil, it is no wonder that this is one of the most prestigious areas of coffee cultivation in El Salvador.  

FARM: Cerro De Las Ranas  

Located near Apaneca, this farm is in the ideal climate for coffee cultivation. Cerro Las Ranas (The Hill of Frogs) coffee is named after the lagoon which is populated by thousands of frogs. A small family owned and operated farm “JASAL” produces coffee on many properties, including one acquired 100 years ago. Jose Antonio Salaverria and his sons take great pride in their work and are very detail oriented. Not only do they take pride and care in work, they focus the same attention on their workers and community. Helping and supporting the community is a long-standing Salaverria family tradition.

PRODUCER:  Andres and Jose Jr. (JASAL)

JASAL is family owned and operated and was started by Jose Antonio Salaverria when he was offered a house yet requested a farm instead. JASAL is now operated by Andreas and Jose Jr, sixth generation coffee producers. They work intentionally to make a healthy, caring work environment for their workers. This is done by housing, work safety education, health care, and better salaries to improve the employee’s lives.

PROCESS: Yellow Honey
ALTITUDE: 1,450 – 1,780 MASL
VARIETALS: Bourbon, Sarchimor, Pacas, Catuai and Caturra
Flavor: Orangesicle, Jasmine, 
Acidity: Floral / Citric
Body: Smooth 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Hasan Mytkolli

I love Green Coffee Co. Great service, great coffee beans, couldn't ask for better! Thanks!

Victor Landaverde
Light but flavourful

I've tried the bourbon El Salvadore beans. These are much lighter in taste profile but rich in flavour. You definitely notice the citrus notes. I prefer to roast to a medium roast. I could drink this all! Highly recommend.

Not as good as the Black Honey process, but very good!

My $10 air popper gives me a hybrid roast - some medium light, some medium, some medium dark. I've grown to really like this, and these beans respond well. Very nice bean for the price and I will buy again.

Jocelyn C.
Very Satisfying

I originally ordered Columbia Honey, so was actually quite disappointed when this one arrived (it was completely my error in not triple checking the order confirmation, not the fault of GreenCoffeeCo) but so far I am impressed with the flavour and how smooth it is.