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Honduras Agalta High Grown

Honduras Agalta High Grown

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Honduras Agalta HG comes from the southeastern part of Honduras, near Olancho. There a small project is empowering local coffee producers. We can appreciate the bright acidity and nice underlying notes of apple and caramel this coffee offers. 
ORIGIN: Honduras
Although a small country, Honduras boasts similar soil, climate and conditions as other coffee producing nations, such as Costa Rica and Guatemala. There are many different varieties, processes and cup profiles to discover from the country. The high-quality work ethic, results in an industry of producers that aim to produce the highest quality coffee each day.
REGION: Agalta
Located in the southeastern part of the country is Agalta. It is an inland region that is more tropical, and has an elevation between 1,100 and 1,4oo meters. This tropical climate often produces a fruitier, sweeter tasting coffee, with hints of caramel and chocolate.

PRODUCER: Rio Olancho 
Rio Olancho is a Canadian partnership that was designed as an incentive for Honduran farmers to achieve a higher quality coffee. The producers are provided with the training, tools, and evaluation to do this, as well as receiving fair compensation for their product. Every penny paid for the coffee goes directly to the farmers. Today the project includes 60 coffee producers, representing a dozen communities. The Rio Olancho growers are truly proud to provide Canadian consumers with their very best coffee. 

PROCESS: Washed 
ALTITUDE: 1200-1350 MASL
CERTIFICATION: Direct-Trade, Organic (not certified)
Flavor: Chocolate, Berry, Caramel
Acidity: Juicy
Body: Medium, Milky 
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Customer Reviews

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Tony Fehr

Honduras Agalta High Grown

maddie burch
Fantastic for drip coffee!

I have been ordering beans from Green Coffee Co for over a year now and they do not disappoint! Everything is always packaged perfectly and arrives on time, if not earlier than expected.

This was my first time trying the Honduras Agalta High Grown bean. I roasted it to a medium/dark roast and used it from my drip coffee in the mornings. Roasting it to this stage allowed the notes of chocolate and caramel to be detected. It's a delicious coffee and I definitely recommend to anyone looking for a simple drip coffee bean!

Side note: I am a beginner when it comes to roasting but I have been doing it for a year now and the beans are becoming more consistent.