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Timemore Mirror Basic 2 Scale

Timemore Mirror Basic 2 Scale

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This sleek and compact scale has everything you need to perfect your home brewing! Constructed with high-quality acrylic, this digital scale is compact and low profile. With the ability to switch between grams and ounces and the additional flow rate monitoring, it will be a valuable addition whether you are roasting your green beans, or preparing your favourite coffee beverage.

  • Capacity: 2kg – do not exceed max capacity
  • Accuracy: 0.1g
  • Surface temperature resistance: -10C to 100C with silicone pad
  • Dimensions: 15.3 x 13 x 2.6 cm
  • Weight: 370g
  • Includes: Scale, Silicone Protective Pad, USB-C Charging Cable
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Customer Reviews

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Simjims Samual Fergus
If you like to weigh things then…

Hi SimJims Samual Fergus here.

I have gotten to the point in my adult life where weighing things matters. I use weights for cooking, coffee roasting, pulling espresso and many other things!

I have been using the Timemore Mirror Basic 2 for a couple of weeks now. I have never had a better
experience weighing things. This sleek black scale is very accurate and weighs down to .1 grams. This polished scale has a function to show you grams/second. It is a very nice feature to have. The silicon sleeve is pleasant when you are using it for hot applications. The ingenious design allows you to choose to have the silicon sleeve on or off. The matte finish hides the display screen when it is not in use. The Timemore Mirror Basic 2 charges using a USB-C which is terrific. I use the scale multiple times a day and haven’t had to charge it yet (been smiling and weighing things for 2 weeks since purchase) Overall I am very exultant with this scale, and look forward to using it each day.

As always, Green Coffee Co was very fast at shipping my order. Great company!

Happy weighing everybody

-Simjims Samual Fergus